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Walking To A Different Beat

a music-biz eye opener
Ziggi John & Bob - aka supasub - 25 years in the music business. Signed to major Labels worldwide they've written hundreds of songs for tv and artists including
Sam Smith's debut Album
'Time Won't Wait'

their story
their songs 200+ | their videos 60+

all included in
Flipbook TV's unique Flipbook.
Underscoring a snapshot of their journey - video: Sum Of All Totals

web: walking to a different beat
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Sam Smith Diva Boy 2007-2010

where it all began for Sam
... it was with V&M Music that Sam started his journey to pop stardom.
Here his song-writing and performance
skills were developed and here he
recorded his debut album....
‘Time Won’t Wait’achieving worldwide club chart success
...all before he was 18.
Published by Flipbook TV in a multi-media Flipbook 'Diva Boy Sam' is brought to life in a viewing, listening & reading experience.

web: samsmithsinger.com
Super Delta Three TV

a six part tv series
chat - music - comedy
thought provoking

the show, music and videos
all included in
Flipbook TV's unique Flipbook

...and probably
the first TV Series in a Book!

video: super delta three tv
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some of our videos

WHEN IT'S ALRIGHT - sam smith - 1 Milion YouTube Views
sam smith - when it's alright
MERROW - lindsey butler
Lindsey Butler - Merrow
BEDNOTCHING - ziggi baker
ziggi baker - bednotching
URBAN SALVATION - scripts feat will
Scripts - urban salvation
Save The Children - 'What I Think' by Ziggi Baker
Save The Children
Drug Abuse - 'Breaks To Learn' by Ziggi Baker
Drug Abuse
SUM OF ALL TOTALS - ziggi baker's journey through the Music Industry (see 'walking to a different beat')
ziggi baker - sum of all totals
SUPERDELTAFREAK - super delta three
super delta three - superdeltafreak
WHILE YOU SLEEP - super delta three
super delta three - while you sleep


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