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walking to a different beat sd3tvsam smith
Walking To A Different Beat

a music-biz eye opener
from a band who spent
25 years in the business
web: walkingtoadifferentbeat.com
Super Delta Three TV

6 part tv series
chat-music-magazine show, entertaining and thought provoking
web: walkingtoadifferentbeat.com
Sam Smith Diva Boy

where & how it all began for Sam
from a passionate determined
teenager to pop stardom
web: samsmithsinger.com

some of our videos

WHEN IT'S ALRIGHT - sam smith - 1 Milion YouTube Views
sam smith - when it's alright
MERROW - lindsey butler
Lindsey Butler - Merrow
BEDNOTCHING - ziggi baker
ziggi baker - bednotching
URBAN SALVATION - scripts feat will
Scripts - urban salvation
Save The Children - 'What I Think' by Ziggi Baker
Save The Children
Drug Abuse - 'Breaks To Learn' by Ziggi Baker
Drug Abuse
SUM OF ALL TOTALS - ziggi baker's journey through the Music Industry (see 'walking to a different beat')
ziggi baker - sum of all totals
SUPERDELTAFREAK - super delta three
super delta three - superdeltafreak
WHILE YOU SLEEP - super delta three
super delta three - while you sleep


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